Define your development culture in code

Configuration as Code, Infrastructure as Code, Architecture as Code, ... there are a lot of things a computer will evaluate much more decent than a human. If You read through the culture as code pages and want to go a step further You came to the right place.


Guidelines (working on it, send ideas via Twitter)

If you believe or want to believe, these are the guidelines you are supposed to follow:

  • I will represent the rules we want to follow in code
  • I will make the result of the executed code transparent
  • I will not solve educational issues through technology
  • I will work on my trust in others
  • I will not give up on culture
  • I will care
  • I will not use or tolerate the coded culture to steer income
  • I will be attentive and take the perceptions of others seriously


Everything You Need to keep going

Code does nothing when not executed. So here are some helper and utils to keep you going.
No particular order implied.

You may also add some of your documentation to your code as well:
("documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self", Damian Conway)

If seeing documentation as code as part of this culture thing seems weird, look at it like this:
documentation is knowledge, and spreading knowledge is a culture thing. So make it as easy and reachable as possible to create it, read it, update it.